Working with graduate and undergraduate students:

lizElizabeth (Liz) Besozzi [supervised from May 2018-present]

Liz Besozzi is a doctoral student at the Oklahoma Biological Survey – University of Oklahoma in Dr. Michael Patten’s lab. Liz has active research projects related to the physiological constraints imposed by microclimate on neotropical understory insectivores and how these constraints affect mixed-species flock dynamics. Liz is a collaborator of the Painted Bunting (PABU) Project and conducting research on aberrant feather coloration. Liz is also involved in other aspects of PABU research including sample collection for genomic and stable isotope analysis and geolocator deployment. Find out more about Liz’s research on her website:

sopheSephaniet (Sophe) Beyene [supervised from May 2019-present]

Sophe Beyene is an undergraduate student at the University of Colorado – Denver (Bachelor of Science, Biology) and she is interested in stable isotope analysis and data processing in R programming computer language. Sophe is developing a movement and molecular ecology project on warbler migration involving stable isotope data (hydrogen) and testing novel R packages.

BrianBrian Chew [supervised from August 2017-2020]

Brian Chew is a former student at the University of Oklahoma (Bachelor of Science, Biology) interested in stable isotope analysis, genetics, and epigenetics in human medicine applications. Brian worked in Dr. Broughton’s lab at OU helping with transcriptome analysis of Cyprinidae and has worked as laboratory assistant in the stable isotope lab at the Oklahoma Biological Survey (OU). Brian developed a laboratory protocol for processing feather samples for stable isotope analysis available here. Brian will soon (fall 2020) start a new research position at Washington University St. Louis focusing on stem cell research with Dr. Theunissen.

Ben_Headshot - CopyBen Gochanour [supervised from April 2018-present]

Ben Gochanour is an undergraduate student at the University of Oklahoma (Bachelor of Science, Mathematics) and incoming master student in Biostatistics. Ben is interested in how novel research methods and statistical analysis can provide solutions to complex problems within medicine, public health, business, and other disciplines. Ben is currently sponsored by the Corix Plains Institute at the University of Oklahoma and working on analyzing molecular data (stable isotope and genomic data) in R programming computer language. Find out more about Ben’s research on his website:

allyphotoAlyssa Davidge [supervised from May 2020-present]

Alyssa Davidge is a graduate student at University of Colorado, Denver. She has been working in industry for six years and has returned to school to pursue her interests in urban wildlife, raptors, and migratory ecology. She collaborates with Dr. Contina on use of stable isotope analysis as a tool to better inform bird trafficking investigations. She is actively looking for a lab to work with full-time. More info on Ally’s research can be found here