Earth Observation Science for Society and Sustainability (EOS3 ) – National Science Foundation / NRT


nsf-logoI am the Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow for the National Science Foundation – National Research Traineeship (NRT) Earth Observation Science for Society and Sustainability (EOS3 ) certificate at the University of Oklahoma, which is an interdisciplinary graduate program consisting of a four-course sequence. The certificate emphasizes integration of natural and social sciences approaches to data exploration and visualization while building student competency in interdisciplinary team leadership and communication. Follow this link to read more about STEM education at OU.

Animal Movements & Disease Risk (AMDR)

AMDR_continaI developed and taught a brand new senior-level course at the University of Oklahoma. This course integrated animal migration ecology and zoonotic risk. The curriculum explored ecological aspects of animal migration such as different migration strategies among species, risk and benefits of migration, and how researchers track and study animal movements. Click on this link to download “Contina – Lecture_1


List of courses taught at the Univ. of Oklahoma (OU)

o-TEACHER-BLACK-BOARD-facebookEvery teaching experience in my career has offered me the opportunity to develop a personalized lecture approach to better engage students in class and to develop an effective course management approach, including the possibility of tweaking the basic format of the course in relation to student performance and learning capabilities.

I attach below a list of courses that I taught at OU and that I hope to keep developing in the future:

2017 Teaching Fellow; GRAD 5403: EOS3 Science for Society & Sustainability Practicum*
2017 Teaching Fellow; GRAD 5303: EOS3 Interface*
2016 Teaching Fellow; GRAD 5103: Interdisciplinary EOS3*
2016 Teaching Fellow; GRAD 5203: EOS3 Data Analytics*
2015 Grad. Teaching Assistant; BIOL 3101: Principles of Physiology Lab.
2014 Grad. Teaching Assistant; BIOL 1124: Intro Biology, Molecules, Cells, Physiology.
2013 Lecturer; BIOL 4970: Animal Movements and Disease Risk.
2012 Grad. Teaching Assistant; ZOOL 1124: Intro Bio., Mol., Cells, Phys.

*.indicates courses that I co-taught